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Schedule personalized one-on-one breastfeeding support from an Internationally IBCLC (Board Certified Lactation Consultant) in the comfort of your own home and get feeding off to a great start.  

Each consultation includes a thorough breastfeeding history of both mother and infant, suck assessment, full feeding observation, latch/position adjustment, pre and post feeding weight check and strategies for correcting problems and managing breastfeeding.  

A personalized care plan and follow-up recommendations and resources are also included.

Investment: $195 for initial consultation.


Follow-ups: $125

To schedule an appointment for a Private Lactation Consultation, please text our lactation consultant on call at:


Gain valuable insight into the logistics of pumping including when and how often to pump, helpful supplies, storage and cleaning tips.

We will also cover the important issues of maintaining your motivation and increasing support from your co-workers and supervisors and with your family and caregivers.

Bottlefeeding advice for breastfed babies can also be discussed and resources for additional information and on-going support will be shared.

You don’t want you to miss this important opportunity to develop an individualized plan to reach your feeding goals after returning to work.

Investment: $125



Connect. Nurture. Grow

An intimate group of mommies and babies looking for support on their breastfeeding journey.  A IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant guides you through any questions that the group may have.


Weigh your baby before and after feeding to determine how many oz of breastmilk baby is consuming. Also, bring baby bottles and ask bottle-fed questions as well.

Held several days each week in Redondo Beach at Shine Studio and in El Segundo at WonderTree Kids. Pre-registration required and schedule is subject to change.

$25 per single session or 4-pack for $80.


Schedule a private one-on-one appointment with our highly trained Occupational Therapist and IBCLC to best assess the feeding needs of your little one.


Available for breastfeeding or bottle feeding infants who may have oral motor issues (such as tongue and/or lip-tie), swallowing issues, starting solids, slow weight gain and who may also need developmental and sensory processing screening.


This 2-hour appointment can be done in the comfort of your own home and will include a thorough evaluation and a comprehensive follow-up plan.

Investment: $195/120 minutes