Mommy & Me (aka Mom Pods)

Fill out our interest list below ASAP and we'll connect you with your local “mom squad” - our twist on the traditional Mommy & Me program.

Having a baby rocks your world even without a global pandemic. From cancelled prenatal classes and grandparent visits to virtual hospital tours and breastfeeding support, we know having a baby now calls for a whole new level of support and, more than ever, at a reasonable price.


It is from this stronger than ever need for community support in this new era that our Mom Pod Program was born. Whether you are expecting a baby or already adjusting to life as a new mom, our goal is to connect you to others like you and near you.


How is this different from other Mommy & Me programs? The purpose is to create pods of new moms in your neighborhood to connect with now and, hopefully, to provide peer support for many years to come. Organized by baby’s age or due date and your location, each pod will launch through a (currently) virtual mini-session format, but that’s just the beginning.


Here’s how the program works:


#1 Join Mom Pod below – a no commitment, no cost way to join our interest pool now.

#2 Once your pod is formed based on age group or due date and your location you’ll receive notification from MNN with options for scheduling your 4-week launch session.

#3 Join or defer your 4-week session (investment is $99, value is priceless)

#4 Get to know your Mom Pod via optional text group, neighborhood walks, safe and socially distanced meet-ups, etc. and discover shared interests and support along your motherhood journey.


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